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Sites of UNESCO in Puglia e Basilicata:

The two sites of Unesco in Puglia are Alberobello and Castel del Monte.
Do not miss the visit of the ancient Town of Matera, a Unesco World Heritage since 1993, located in Basilicata Region, at only 60 km from the City of Bari.

Guided Tour of Alberobello

Declared as Unesco World Heritage since 1996, Alberobello is the most famous town in Puglia with the largest number of Trulli.
Destination of millions of tourists crowding the narrow streets of the old town, Alberobello offers to the visitor a unique scenario. Particularly striking are the two districts: “Rione Monti”, with the main concentrations of shops and “Aia Piccola”, where are situated the most ancient trulli and museums, symbol of the peasant civilization.

Guided Tour of Castel del Monte

Thanks to its unique octagonal shape, Castel del Monte is known as one of the most singular castles of Puglia. Built in the fifteenth century by Frederick II, the castle was used in particular as summer residence of the Swabian Emperor, who decided to embellish it with marble and decorations recalling his passion for arts and different styles from all over the world.
The symbolism in each of its architectural elements is in particular connected to the number 8: the octagonal plant, the number of towers surrounding castle, or even the digits sum of the year 1250, the Frederick II date of death.

Guided Tour of Matera

Thanks to the presence of the two ancient districts of “Sassi”, Matera is one of the most famous city visited every years by million of tourists.
Matera is characterized by the presence of ancient dwellings carved into the rock, located in the two old districts: Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso.
The charm of Matera is made in particular by the Rock Churches decorated with precious frescoes painted in ancient times by Byzantine monks who conferred a sacred aspect to these unique places.

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