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Baroque Art & Salento 
(Lecce – Galatina - Gallipoli)

Lecce, "Capital of Baroque"

To get unique the ancient town of Lecce is the splendor of noble Palaces and churches like the Holy Cross Basilica, one of the most valuable examples of Baroque art, expressing the creativity of the famous local artists.
Putto, caryatids and symbols created by the softness and malleability of local lime stone, are what decorate every corner of the famous city of Lecce.

Galatina, "City of Art"

The beautiful Palaces of seventeenth century, the Baroque Cathedral and the uniqueness of the ancient “courtyard houses” situated in the historical center, aid to give to Galatina the name of "City of Art".
Of extraordinary beauty is, in particular, the Basilica dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria, second only to the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi for the presence of many frescos inside, which were created by Giotto’s school workers.

, "The Beautiful Town"

Symbol of the Baroque Art in Puglia is the Cathedral of St. Agata, located in the heart of Gallipoli.
The old town of Gallipoli is characterized by the presence of boats of fishermen returning from the sea at sunset, or by the numerous confraternities, for centuries a symbol of a city characterized by sacred traditions.
To make amazing the old town is also the presence of the Castle on the Ionian Sea, together with the narrow streets full of small churches and sacred images on the walls.


Tour and Itinerary
- Walking tour of Lecce, "the Folrence of the South"
- Walking tour of Galatina, "City of Art": The Basilica of St Catherine of Alexandria
- Visit of Gallipoli: walking along the seaside surrounded by the crystalline sea,
   visit the Fish Market and Shopping in the Old Town

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